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    Home Protection Program (HPP)

    Our Home Protection Program features exterior power spraying of all high and low areas of the home. Interior inspection would be done on an as needed basis.

    Initial Interior Service -

    Interior Inspection.  Spray interior of unfinished areas, including basement's, headers, sills, attic rooflines and roof flashed areas. Injector bait gel interior living areas, pipe runs, cornors, doors to outside, windows, kitchens and baths. Wall void injection for potential nesting sites.

    Initial Exterior Service -

    Exterior Inspection. Dust voids under siding, doors, deck abutments, etc.  Aerosol Fog into possibe ant nest voids. Exterior power spray foundation, deck abutments, around doors, roof flashing areas, stumps.

    Followup Services-

    Exterior Inspection, Exterior Power Spray, Void treatment if necessary.


    Guardian Exclusion and Moisture Reduction

    Their are huge BENEFITS from Exclusion and Moisture Reducation Services.

    Rodent entry is elimiated by sealing openings. Preventing snakes, bats, rodents and other wildlife from entering into the home. Rodent prevention is estabilished with exterior tamper-proof locking bait stations.

    Reduce heating and air conditioning cost, reduce moisture, via caulking cracks, vegetation reduction, venting, etc.

    AREAS  Inspected on the Exterior -

    Cornors, Doors, Door sills, Pipe Entry Points, Steps/Porches, Vents, Eaves, Peaks, Underside of Siding, Door Jams, Window Sills, Foundations, Siding, Gables, Soffits.

    PRODUCTS for Exterior Reduction may include -

    Foam Insulation, Silicone Caulk, Copper Mesh, Screening, Coil Stock, Door Flashing, Gutters, Cement/Mortar, Wood Putty.

    METHOD's for Moisture Reduction may include -

    Vegetation Reduction/Removal, Gutter Installment, Gutter Cleaning, Siding Replacement, Trim Replacement, Poly Sheeting, Venting.


    Termite Treatment

    MVPC utilizes the Advance Termite Bait Stations. These stations are monitored and maintained during the season to locate and eliminate nearby termite colonies. We also offer liquid treatments.


    Bed Bug Treatment

    Bed Bugs are soon to be a widespread epidemic.  In this photo you see Jeff placing the NightWatch Bed Bug Monitor System under a bed.  This device mimics a human by releasing CO2, heat and a pheromone. This tricks bed bugs into the NightWatch System and they are unable to get out. It is used mainly to detect a problem.  If bed bugs are found we have various ways of treating them. For example Freezing and using Steri-Fab Disinfectant.  Treating for Bed Bugs is no simple task. Areas need to be thoroughly inspected and treated. Follow ups are usually needed to make sure the infestation has been eliminated.


    Bed Bug Treatment



    Bed Bug Treatment


    If you need help identifiyng what type of pest problem you have please see Types of Pests

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